2018 Game Schedules


JUGGLING: One player for each team will compete. U8 through U12 will juggle for 30 seconds. U13 and older will juggle for 45 seconds. Players will be judged on style, ball control, repetition and ability to use all body parts. The tournament will supply balls for this event.  Judges' decisions are final.

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DRIBBLING RELAY: There will be one race per flight. Four players will represent their team and will line up with 2 players at each end of the course. Each competitor will dribble 40 yards through 5 flags placed at 5 yard intervals. Failure to dribble through the cones will result in disqualification. The next player may not start until the dribbler has crossed the end line. Fastest time wins. Each team must supply a properly inflated ball. Judges' decisions are final.

The Soccer Olympics are the heart of the Tucson Association of REALTORS Shootout.  These events are designed to give each of your players more fun, more action -- and more chances to win gold and silver -- plus, a chance to get to know the players from other teams in their bracket in a friendly competition. 

​Formats for each event are:

FOOTGOLF: Four players in each team compete by passing a #3 ball through a sequence of "wickets" to the next player, with the last person passing the ball into a miniature goal with each touch counting as a "stroke". 

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SHOOTOUT: Six players (5 shooters and a goalie) compete in a single elimination format. If tied at the end of five shooters, sudden-death (one-on-one) competition will begin. The goalie may not shoot. Referees' judgment is final. Each team will supply a properly inflated ball.

Come for the Fun! Friday and Saturday Night Soccer Olympics mean more gold and silver

28th Annual

Tucson Association of REALTORS® Shootout 

 presented by Fort Lowell Soccer Club

JANUARY 12 - 14, 2018

Kino Sports Complex 

Tucson, Arizona